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Employee Benefits

Over the last couple of decades, employee benefits have become an essential part of any job package offered at medium to large enterprise. Small businesses especially find it tough or financially unfeasible matching the same level of benefits as a large company, let alone a fortune 500 business. However, in the last 5 to 7 years, business environment has changed where a lot of these growing small businesses have opted to choose a PEO (professional employer organization) giving them access to benefits that match or exceed the level offered at large companies. This has helped small and medium businesses not only retain their existing talent but has also attract new talent that previously shied away.

A question comes to mind: How do PEOs make this possible? Well, PEOs typically have a large pool of employees (anywhere from 2000 to 20,000), which enables them to use their financial muscle and buying power to negotiate benefits packages that a small business with 50 employees can only dream of.

With Frontline HRO, we leverage our group’s strong financial and buying power to provide you with generous corporate-style benefits, like retirement plan options, health, dental, life, vision and more. Over the years, we at Frontline HRO have received feedback from thousands of employees and conducted surveys that has helped us perfect our benefits packages making it most desirable for career seekers making it easier to attract and retain quality employees.

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